Congratulations to Jessica Walrath who has been selected as Yale EM’s first Wilderness Medicine Fellow!




Mock Oral Boards will take place on Wednesday, August 3rd at 464 Congress Street beginning at 9am – 12:30pm. We will then move to Harkness Auditorium from 1pm-2pm.


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With 30 min left of your shift, you sign up for what you anticipate will be your last patient. Chief complaint: “abdominal pain.” You then realize this is way more challenging than you anticipated and that this is a frequent flyer who often presents with chronic non-specific abdominal pain. Extensive previous workups have all been negative. She is asking for only for “the drug with a ‘D'”.
Is anything else you can try for this patient? You recall one of your favorite attendings once using IV ketamine in a similar situation. Never having used ketamine for analgesia, you search the literature to find out if there is any data to support this choice.
This week Dr. David Ashkenasi will lead a discussion about the safety and effectiveness ketamine as compared to morphine for management of acute pain in the ED.
Primary article by Motov et al from 2015


Emergency Medicine Lectures will take place at Yale on Wednesday, July 27th at TAC (300 Cedar Street) beginning at 9:00am


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  • PGY4 Talk – Shock/Resuscitation – E. Fisher – N207
  • Journal Club – D. Ashkenazi – N209
  • Experiential Learning Workshop – E. Melnick – N211


  • Stress Testing – B. Safdar – N207
  • Workplace Violence – A. Wong & T. Balga – N209
  • Confidentiality in the ED – D. Camenga – N211


The Yale EM Community is pleased to welcome our new faculty and fellows


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Resuscitation / Airway / Sedation

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Airway and Resuscitation: Chapters 1-5


Procedural Sedation and Analgesia: Chapter 17


Pediatric and Neonatal Resuscitation: Chapters 214-215


Must be on YNHH campus or log in through Yale VPN to access links


Emergency Medicine Lectures will take place at Yale on Wednesday, July 20th at 333 Cedar Street in Harkness Auditorium beginning at 9:00am




9:00 – Pediatrics: Neurology/Neurosurgery – S. Woolf
10:00 – Operations & ED Throughput – V. Parwani
11:00 – Lightning Rounds (Radiology, ECGs)– O. Felton, B. Wood
12:00 – M&M – A. Chou
13:00 – Quiz (June Reading) – D. Della-Giustina


Emergency Medicine Lectures will take place at Yale on Wednesday, July 13th at TAC (300 Cedar Street) beginning at 9:00am





  • Journal Club – Meta Analysis of Head CT for SAH – J. Schoeneck – N207
  • PGY4 Talk – Chest Pain in the Elderly: Pearls & Pitfalls – J. Nagurney – N209
  • TDB – A. Tomassoni – N211


  • PGY4 Talk – Neonatal Shock/Vascular – B. Mohamed – N207
  • Critical Care of the GI Bleeder – E. Marcolini – N209
  • Opioid Overdose – G. D’Onofrio, K. Hawk – N211


Ever questioned the use of d-dimers for PE/DVT? Of course you have, if you’re in EM. For all those times you’ve wondered, this week Dr. Aman Shah will be leading an interesting discussion looking at “Saving Dimes and Sending Dimers”



For the time that 67 year old otherwise healthy woman comes in slightly short of breath and slightly tachy, making you worried about PE, but has no risk factors… Should you trust her age-adjusted D-dimer cutoff?

Righini, M., et al. (2014). “Age-adjusted D-dimer cutoff levels to rule out pulmonary embolism: the ADJUST-PE study.” JAMA 311(11): 1117-1124.


And when the thought didn’t initially cross your mind, but only later you wondered about PE in this lady, does re-sticking a patient increase the circulating d-dimer value? Read on, what do you think?

Heffner, A. and J. Kline (2001). “Role of the peripheral intravenous catheter in false-positive D-dimer testing.” Acad Emerg Med 8(2): 103-106.


Something extra to make you rethink ordering that extra blue top just in case…

Kochert, E., et al. (2012). “Cost-effectiveness of routine coagulation testing in the evaluation of chest pain in the ED.” Am J Emerg Med 30(9): 2034-2038.

Emergency Medicine Lectures will take place at Yale on Wednesday, July 6th at TAC (300 Cedar Street) beginning at 9:00am




9:00 : AOCs

  • Toxicology – Dr. A. Tomassoni – N207
  • Critical Care – Dr. A. Aydin – N209
  • ED/Simulation – Dr. A. Tsyrulnik – N211
  • Global Health – Byron Kennedy, NH Director of Health – NH Department of Health, 54 Meadow St. (Arrive by 8:50)

11:30 – Small Groups

  • PGY3 Talk – Approach to Adult Airway Management – Dr. I. Chandler – N207
  • PGY4 Talk – Is There a Policy for That? ACEP Clinical Guidelines – Dr. J. Roh – N209
  • Journal Club – D-Dimers: False Positives and Age Adjustment – Dr. A Shah – N211

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