When the pioneers of Emergency Medicine were pushing to have the specialty formally recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties, they had to prove that the knowledge and skill set needed to be a proficient EM provider was unique to the field–not taught, researched, or practiced by other specialties. Their hard work not only resulted in the recognition of EM as a medical specialty in 1979, but also solidified this knowledge base and jumpstarted research in EM. As a result, we as current EM residents have more learning tools than we can possibly use. So where to start?

While people may have different learning styles and preferences, it is undeniable that there is a lot to learn, mastering the core content of EM is essential to properly caring for our patients, and one of the most concise ways to convey all this information is through a textbook. Yale has selected Harwood and Nuss, 6th Edition as our core text. The most frugal way to access this text is online through the Yale Medical Library, or the shortcut on the top left hand side of the yaleem.org homepage. To read from home rather than on campus, install and login to the Yale VPN first in order to access this e-book. The reading list for this academic year will also be posted on yaleem.org and was circulated in an email.
As we start to build this core knowledge, there are plenty of places to look to supplement it. These include:

Keep an eye out here at yaleem.org in the Digital Life in EM section for more on how to stay current on the EM literature and hot topics.

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