Emergency Care is not just delivered within the four-walls of an emergency department. Similarly, the research interests of our faculty and residents extend beyond the traditional EM research agenda. More than this, Yale’s faculty are helping to redefine what is research in Emergency Medicine, International Emergency Medicine, Informatics, and Social Determinants of Health. Over the last few months, the most recent publications out of our department really highlight the depth and breadth of intellectual inquiry here.

Congratulations to:

    Dr. Bernstein
    Dr. Cone
    Dr. D’Onofrio
    Dr. Hawk
    Dr. Hayward
    Dr. Andrea Koploy (PGY4)
    Dr. Amanda Medoro
    Dr. Melnick
    Dr. Narvaez (Class of 2015)
    Dr. Post
    Dr. Rogers (Class of 2015)
    Dr. Safdar
    Dr. Taylor
    Dr. Wira
    Dr. Vaca
    Dr. Venkatesh

Check them out!

Lee, S., Hayward, A., Bellamkonda, V.R. Traumatic lens dislocation. International Journal of Emergency Medicine, 8 (1), art. no. 16, 2 p.
Gold, S.J., Wibert, W.N., Bondartsova, V., Biroscak, B.J., Post, L.A. A Capture-Recapture Approach to Estimation of Refugee Populations. International Migration, 53 (5), pp. 3-25.
Asuzu, D., Nyström, K., Sreekrishnan, A., Schindler, J., Wira, C., Greer, D., Halliday, J., Kimberly, W.T., Sheth, K.N. TURN Score Predicts 24-Hour Cerebral Edema After IV Thrombolysis. Neurocritical Care, 8 p. Article in Press.
Tuepker, A., Zickmund, S.L., Nicolajski, C.E., Hahm, B., Butler, J., Weir, C., Post, L., Hickam, D.H. Providers’ Note-Writing Practices for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder at Five United States Veterans Affairs Facilities. Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research, 15 p. Article in Press.
Safdar, B., Dziura, J., Bathulapalli, H., Leslie, D.L., Skanderson, M., Brandt, C., Haskell, S.G. Chest pain syndromes are associated with high rates of recidivism and costs in young United States Veterans Epidemiology and research methodology in primary care. BMC Family Practice, 16 (1), art. no. 88.
Lewis Hunter, A.E., Spatz, E.S., Bernstein, S.L., Rosenthal, M.S.Factors Influencing Hospital Admission of Non-critically Ill Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department: a Cross-sectional Study. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 8 p. Article in Press.
Lu, Q., Hu, Y., Sun, J., Cheng, Y., Cheung, K.-H., Zhao, H. A statistical framework to predict functional non-coding regions in the human genome through integrated analysis of annotation data. Scientific Reports, 5, art. no. 10576.
Sivaraju, A., Gilmore, E.J., Wira, C.R., Stevens, A., Rampal, N., Moeller, J.J., Greer, D.M., Hirsch, L.J., Gaspard, N. Prognostication of post-cardiac arrest coma: early clinical and electroencephalographic predictors of outcome. Intensive Care Medicine, 41 (7), pp. 1264-1272.

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