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Journal Clubs are not new in medical or science education, and the basic concepts have remained the same since the early 20th Century: communicate cutting edge research while teaching the participants how to critical assess the quality and utility of what they are reading.

In 2014, the Yale Department of Emergency Medicine overhauled it’s journal club format in order to try to better meet the needs of its faculty and residents, creating an annual curriculum where foundational emergency medicine research is placed in context along with fresh off the press findings. Check out the guidelines here. The starting point of this curriculum was the book, Emergency Medicine Evidence: The Practice-Changing Studies. Each month a classic article, often times from this book is paired with a related article from the current literature in order to gain a better understanding of our current practice patterns and where we are heading.

Journal Club Resources
Academic Journal Clubs Critical Appraisal Tools Evidence-Based Medicine
Annals Journal Club

Jackson Memorial Journal Club

Wash U. Journal Club

Intro to Medical Stats

Statistics at Square One

CEBM Critical Appraisal Tools

CONSORT Guidelines

McMaster Evidence-Based Practice

User’s Guide to the Medical Literature


JAMA Rational Clinical Exam

Life in the Fast Lane


YaleEM Underground Journal Club

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