Emergency Medicine Lectures will take place at Yale on Wednesday, November 15th beginning at 9:00am at 464 Congress Avenue


Breakfast will be served in SIM Center


9am – 11:15am – Small Groups

PGY4 – Bites and Envenomations – Wood – SIM Debriefing Room

Journal Club – Siegel/Couturier – SIM Conf. Room

RESUSC – Chandler/Beardsley – Chair’s Conf. Room


11:30am – 2pm – Small Groups

PGY3 – Dizziness: Work-up and Management – Flammia – SIM Debriefing Room

Violence Prevention – Balga – SIM Conf. Room

PGY4 – Head bleeds: When and How to Reverse Anticoagulants – Singh – Chair’s Conf. Room

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