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is a great place to meet other residents, to explore all that EM has to offer, and to talk with possible employers or fellowship directors. While these conversations may appear intimidating at first, a little preparation can go a long way. What you should bring and how you should prepare depends on your particular goals, but doing a little clean up of your digital life is always a good place to start. Keep reading for one perspective on how to begin building your online identity for SAEM and beyond. Continue reading

SAEM’s annual meeting starts Tuesday, May 12 with pre-conference workshops. Shine your shoes, press your shirt, find your flip-flops and great ready for a great conference in beautiful San Diego!
In all seriousness, Yale is well represented in the poster and presentation department this year, so make sure to check them out. To avoid missing out all the great talks, seminars, posters and events, download the official SAEM 2015 iphone app or android app. Once you have downloaded the app, fill out your profile, friend you colleagues, and use the built-in calendar of events to check out all the great offerings at this year’s conference.
If you want to quickly have a calendar full of events involving Yale faculty and residents, just friend Dan Savage and then you can follow his calendar.

EMCrit posted this video on April 18 of a real-time cricothyrotomy performed by Dr. Ram Parekh. Cool, close-up video footage of a lifesaving procedure with solid commentary and teaching points from Dr. Scott Weingart. Check it out!

Daniel Hart and The NEJM Journal Watch brought this article on SIRS-negative severe sepsis and its associated mortality risk to our attention this week. As such, it seemed like a good one to use for the Article a Week section.
Kaukonen KM, Bailey M, Pilcher D, Cooper DJ, Bellomo R. Systemic inflammatory
response syndrome criteria in defining severe sepsis. N Engl J Med. 2015 Apr
23;372(17):1629-38. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1415236. Epub 2015 Mar 17. PubMed PMID: 25776936.

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Typical symptoms of ACS are historically based on the presenting complaints of men (chest pressure, radiating pain, diaphoresis, etc.). Hopefully we have all learned that “atypical” presentations aren’t that uncommon and should warrant early concern for cardiac etiologies.


In Sex Differences in Reperfusion in Young Patients With ST-Segment–Elevation Myocardial Infarction Results From the VIRGO Study, our very own Drs. D’Onofrio and Safdar, and their colleagues attempt to analyze the gender disparities in rates of reperfusion after acute MI (AMI).


Congratulations to Drs. D’Onofrio and Safdar on their stellar research, and keep reading for a quick summary of their pertinent and troubling findings.
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In short, bioterrorism agents are many, they are bad, and they are (knock on wood) uncommonly encountered by your average EM provider. That being said, knowing how to detect an exposure in your patients while protecting yourself and others is essential.  Click the link below for some quick helpful details.

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Keep up to date on everything going on in the Department by subscribing to the Yale EM Google Calendar.  Sync it with your own calendar on your computer and phone (more on this later), and be reminded when and where to go for Didactics and special events.  Check out the calendar on and click subscribe to stay in the loop.

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