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Global Health Day


We are excited to invite you to the 7th annual Global Health Day!


Our guest speaker, Dr. Mark Bisanzo, co-founder of the Global Emergency Care Collaborative, an NGO that has been advancing emergency care and education in Uganda, will be discussing his perspective on how to sustainably develop emergency care in the developing world.



Dr. Bisanzo’s profile on


We will also have presentations by our graduating fellow, Dr. Miriam Gamble, faculty member Dr. Alison Hayward, and our five J&J EM Global Health Scholars. We have a great line up scheduled, and hope you’ll be able to make it.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

9am – 2pm

Harkness Auditorium

Lunch reception to follow



The Yale School of Medicine‘s Emergency Medicine Interest Group has had a great year with ongoing mentorship, workshops, and collaboration with the Department of Emergency Medicine!


YSM Emergency Medicine Interest Group 2015- 2016


Sim-Wars and procedural skills night with Drs. Moadel, Jubanyik, Liu, Goldflam, and Cook (11/4/15)


Many thanks to the faculty, residents and staff who’ve helped during shadowing shifts & events! For further information email us @

Emergency Medicine Lectures will take place at Yale on Wednesday, February 10th in Harkness Auditorium beginning at 9:00am. Breakfast will be served.


Map: How the Ebola Outbreak Spread through Africa taken from (a href=””>

9am – Operations Update – Dr. Parwani
10am – Trauma Review – Dr. Marcolini
11am – Surviving the Ebola Epidemic – Dr. Ireland
12pm – Thoracic Emergencies – Dr. Boffa
1pm – M&M – Dr. Binford
Dr. Philip Ireland is a Liberian physician who practices in the emergency department of JFK hospital in Liberia. He was the preceptor for students and residents from Yale rotating to JFK Emergency until the outbreak of Ebola.
He both cared for Ebola patients as well as contracted the illness himself while providing that service. He was the only physician from his group to survive the illness. Dr Ireland was profiled in TIME magazine as one of the Ebola Fighters.
We have Phil here for a few weeks doing some training with our department as part of an EM teaching immersion program. He will be sharing an inspiring story with us this week at conference about front-line emergency care in the heart of the Ebola crisis.
He details both the overall crisis as well as his personal journey to the edge of death and back after contracting Ebola. I had the privilege of hearing him present a version of this story to the medical school and he does so with feeling, humor and humility. It’s a talk you WON’T want to miss.

Emergency Medicine Lectures will take place at Yale on Wednesday, December 9th in Harkness Auditorium beginning at 9:00am. Breakfast will be served.

    9am – Peds: Mental Health Emergencies – Dr. Beucher
    10am – Pass The Pointer – Dr. Taylor
    11am – Up in the Air – In Flight Emergencies – Dr. Hile
    12pm – Quiz – Dr. Hile
    1pm – Health Impacts of the War in Syria – Dr. Mowafi

The Section of Global Health and International Emergency Medicine is hosting it’s next Global Health Night Out on Wednesday, December 9. The topic will be “Resuscitation in Resource Poor Settings.” Dinner will be served. Venue TBD.
Rabaa field hospital (2)

Rabaa field hospital (2) by Asmaa Anwar Shehata, via Wikimedia Commons.

Articles will be posted on YaleEM soon to help guide the discussion with an eye towards the spectrum of management styles based on available resources, special considerations for pediatric patients, and what some of the guidelines say from key agencies.
Like in October, this will be a multidisciplinary event, and we are very excited to welcome faculty discussants from Pediatric Surgery and General Surgery, as Drs. Doruk Ozgediz (Yale) and Arlene Muzira (Makerere University, Uganda) will be joining us.
As important, this is a venue for all of us to become familiar with our colleagues in other departments doing global health work here at Yale. It’s open to faculty, residents and students from the whole university—particularly those on the health sciences campus. It is open and you should feel free to all you think might want to attend. EM residents please check your email for a link to RSVP so that we can have enough food. All others please, leave a comment here or hit us up on twitter @yaleem2, and we will get you a spot at the table.

Emergency Medicine Lectures will take place at Yale on Wednesday, November 4th at 464 Congress beginning at 9:00am with the exception of one AOC which will take place in Harkness Auditorium.
Breakfast will be served in the SIM center kitchen. Please note that there is no food allowed in the SIM conference rooms or the Chair’s conference any longer. Please enjoy your breakfast in the kitchen area of SIM. Thank you for your understanding.

9:00am – 11:15am – AOCs

    Critical CareDr. Wira (SIM Conf. Rm)
    ED/SIM – Dr. Tsyrulnik (SIM Center)

11:50am – 2:00pm – Small Groups

    Urticaria & Angioedema – Dr. Dreyfus (Chair’s Conf. Rm)
    PGY3 Talk Headache in the ED – Dr. Walrath (SIM Debriefing Rm)
    Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) – Dr. Jubanyik (SIM Conf. Rm)

Dr. Ngaruiya, a member of our International Emergency Medicine faculty and graduate of Yale’s Global Health and International Emergency Medicine Fellowship was just published in The Hill. This policy and politics publication is read by many national opinion leaders, including 100% of the Congressional offices, the White House, pundits, lobbyists and corporate executives.
Among her other titles and responsibilities, Dr. Ngaruiya is currently one of Yale’s Public Voices Fellows, a program geared to support women and minorities become “thought leaders whose ideas impact not only academia, but also larger public debates.”
Check out the article on the increasing burden worldwide of noncommunicable diseases here.

Emergency Medicine Lectures will take place at Yale on Wednesday, October 14th in Harkness Auditorium beginning at 9:00am. Breakfast will be served.

Emergency Care is not just delivered within the four-walls of an emergency department. Similarly, the research interests of our faculty and residents extend beyond the traditional EM research agenda. More than this, Yale’s faculty are helping to redefine what is research in Emergency Medicine, International Emergency Medicine, Informatics, and Social Determinants of Health. Over the last few months, the most recent publications out of our department really highlight the depth and breadth of intellectual inquiry here.

Congratulations to:

    Dr. Bernstein
    Dr. Cone
    Dr. D’Onofrio
    Dr. Hawk
    Dr. Hayward
    Dr. Andrea Koploy (PGY4)
    Dr. Amanda Medoro
    Dr. Melnick
    Dr. Narvaez (Class of 2015)
    Dr. Post
    Dr. Rogers (Class of 2015)
    Dr. Safdar
    Dr. Taylor
    Dr. Wira
    Dr. Vaca
    Dr. Venkatesh

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