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Yale Emergency Medicine Research Day

Wednesday, June 1

Harkness Auditorium, 333 Cedar Street


Olga Kovalerchik (PGY-2) was just named Vice Chair of EMRA’s Research Committee.
EMRA’s Research Committee serves as a national resource for medical students and emergency medicine residents providing access to research grants as well as helping with the publication of EM Resident magazine.
Congratulations, Olga, on this well deserved appointment!

Congratulations to Chief Resident, Dan Savage, for winning the Best Resident Paper presented at ACEP in Boston last October for his presentation on, “Emergency Medicine Clinical Practice Guidelines: Evidence Based or Expert Consensus?”
Now get that manuscript to the editors!

The Accountable Care Act has resulted in major changes in access to health care and care delivery, but it is just one of the pieces of legislation helping to shape these changes. Drs. Dr. Warren Perry (PGY-3) and Arjun Venkatesh published a great summary on the impact of these pieces of national legislation impact health information technology in the emergency department in EM Resident last month. Check it out to get up to speed on the changing landscape of health IT.

Dr. David Cone, Chief of the Section of EMS, and current Editor-in-Chief of Academic Emergency Medicine shared his thoughts with us yesterday in conference on how to successfully translate one’s research efforts into a manuscript that gets published.
Check out the slides and some great resources highlighted in the lecture here: Continue reading

Evidence-based medicine and the delivery of safe, high-quality medical care cannot occur in a vacuum. In fact, the entire system of care plays a role in each provider’s ability to realize optimal care for patients.
Dr. Venkatesh has been named co-lead on a national project along with Dr. Jeremiah Schuur of Brigham and Women’s Hospital through ACEP to support quality improvement initiatives. Their efforts are funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services through the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI). This large federal investment is designed to support clinicians in all 50 states through “collaborative and peer-based learning networks” designed to improve quality through enhancing clinicians’ and patients’ access to information.
Congratulations, Dr. Venkatesh, on this huge honor, and we look forward to seeing what great things you are able to accomplish through this project.

Dr. Ngaruiya, a member of our International Emergency Medicine faculty and graduate of Yale’s Global Health and International Emergency Medicine Fellowship was just published in The Hill. This policy and politics publication is read by many national opinion leaders, including 100% of the Congressional offices, the White House, pundits, lobbyists and corporate executives.
Among her other titles and responsibilities, Dr. Ngaruiya is currently one of Yale’s Public Voices Fellows, a program geared to support women and minorities become “thought leaders whose ideas impact not only academia, but also larger public debates.”
Check out the article on the increasing burden worldwide of noncommunicable diseases here.

Congratulations, Dr. Safdar, on your appointment to Associate Professor in the Clinician Scholar Track!
Dr. Safdar was awarded this appointment by a unanimous vote by the appointments and promotion committee based on her outstanding clinical and research accomplishments. A quick search of Scopus shows that she has been incredibly productive in her research endeavors, truly advancing the field of emergency medicine with a focus on gender disparities and cardiac care.

Emergency Care is not just delivered within the four-walls of an emergency department. Similarly, the research interests of our faculty and residents extend beyond the traditional EM research agenda. More than this, Yale’s faculty are helping to redefine what is research in Emergency Medicine, International Emergency Medicine, Informatics, and Social Determinants of Health. Over the last few months, the most recent publications out of our department really highlight the depth and breadth of intellectual inquiry here.

Congratulations to:

    Dr. Bernstein
    Dr. Cone
    Dr. D’Onofrio
    Dr. Hawk
    Dr. Hayward
    Dr. Andrea Koploy (PGY4)
    Dr. Amanda Medoro
    Dr. Melnick
    Dr. Narvaez (Class of 2015)
    Dr. Post
    Dr. Rogers (Class of 2015)
    Dr. Safdar
    Dr. Taylor
    Dr. Wira
    Dr. Vaca
    Dr. Venkatesh

Check them out! Continue reading

Congratulations to Drs. Baloescu and Luu on their recent publication in EM Resident on pediatric ovarian torsion! Looks like I need to move this condition higher on my differential for lower quadrant abdominal pain in females of all ages.
Talk about following up her recent reign as Resident of the Month with a bang!

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