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Check out the 20 most recent publications from the Yale Department of Emergency Medicine faculty:

Dr. Lori Post addressed the Women’s United Nations Report Network (WUNRN) at their meeting entitled, “Political Will & Public Will – Fine Tuning for Gender Advocacy,” where she presented on, “Witches, Widows, and Weddings: A Political and Public Will Framework to Address Human Rights Violations.”
Congratulations to Dr. Lori Post on this incredible honor!

24|7|365, the documentary on the history of emergency medicine, just won a New England Emmy for Best Documentary! Dr. Mark Brady, a member of the Yale EM Class of 2013, was the executive producer. Congrats, Mark!
If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s great, and you should check it out online at the EMRA website.

It’s one thing to write a great paper and contribute to the creation and dissemination of medical knowledge, but it’s another thing entirely to get your picture on the cover of a journal for doing the same. That’s right, Dr. Kennedy Hall, our current senior Ultrasound Fellow, made the cover of Anatomical Sciences Education!


Dr. Cyclops (en:Albert Dekker) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Research Day will take place at Yale on Wednesday, June 3rd in Harkness Auditorium beginning at 9:00am.
Breakfast will be served.

Andrew Chou MD, PGY2, was just selected to receive an Emergency Medicine Foundation resident research grant to support his efforts for the next 12 months. Congratulations, Andrew! We can’t wait to see what great things come out of your efforts.


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The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about academic emergency medicine is research—its production, consumption, and application. Well, Yale EM’s faculty has been busy doing all three since day one when our first interns arrived in New Haven in June 1996.


The last three years have been no different as our Department continues its efforts to advance the science of emergency medicine. Keep reading to check out a list of the many of the manuscripts published by Yale EM faculty and residents since January 1, 2012 during their time at Yale.
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Dr. D’Onofrio and her colleagues just got published today in JAMA for their RCT of suboxone treatment initiated in the ED for opioid-dependent patients as compared to referral or brief intervention. The intervention arm had “significantly increased engagement in addiction treatment, reduced self-reported illicit opioid use, and decreased use of inpatient addiction treatment services but did not significantly decrease the rates of urine samples that tested positive for opioids or of HIV risk.”


Check out the article and an interview with Dr. D’Onofrio here.


Congratulations again on this challenging and meaningful research! The medical community is buzzing about this with all the press on NEJM Journal Watch, and NIDA Science Spotlight.



Typical symptoms of ACS are historically based on the presenting complaints of men (chest pressure, radiating pain, diaphoresis, etc.). Hopefully we have all learned that “atypical” presentations aren’t that uncommon and should warrant early concern for cardiac etiologies.


In Sex Differences in Reperfusion in Young Patients With ST-Segment–Elevation Myocardial Infarction Results From the VIRGO Study, our very own Drs. D’Onofrio and Safdar, and their colleagues attempt to analyze the gender disparities in rates of reperfusion after acute MI (AMI).


Congratulations to Drs. D’Onofrio and Safdar on their stellar research, and keep reading for a quick summary of their pertinent and troubling findings.
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SAEM’s national meeting will be held May 12-15, 2015 in San Diego, California.


All told Yale Emergency Medicine residents and faculty contributed to the academic work behind 9 oral presentations and 15 posters.  Their names are in bold below.  Strong work everyone!  See you in San Diego!


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