Resident of the Month

Congratulations to Matt Dolan, PGY3, for being named Resident of the Month for April!
The support for this nomination was overwhelming. Here are some of the top comments:
” Unfailingly hard-working, unflappable, and always a pleasure to work with. He goes above and beyond in all aspects of his work. He is liked by the nurses, co-residents, and attendings alike. He’s a great clinician and a great guy.”
” I would like to nominate Matt Dolan for resident of the month for his high quality, compassionate, patient-centered care. Not only is it a pleasure to work with Matt because he is always smiling, never complains, and goes beyond what is asked of him every shift, but he does all of this in the most unassuming way. Anyone that works with Matt or is fortunate enough to be cared for by Matt will agree this he is most deserving of this honor.”
” Whenever I get a consult from Matt Dolan, he is always professional, reasonable, and willing to discuss what is the best course of action for his patient’s care.”

Congratulations to Bryce Campbell, PA-R1, for being voted Resident of the Month for March 2016! Bryce is one of our PA residents in our inaugural class and has done an amazing job this year.
Check out some of the comments in support of Bryce’s recognition:
“Since his time at Yale he has distinguished himself by going out of his way for his patients. When on other rotations he frequently comes to the ED to perform procedures and help out a busy shift. I am not infrequently stopped after one of his shifts so that I can hear about his extraordinary work ethic, knowledge and overall fantastic personality. He is a pleasure to work with.”
“Bryce is an exceptional resident. He is kind with an excellent work ethic. Most residents comment that the quality of his work far exceeds his level of training. ”
“His best professional skill is his openness to learn and humility.”

Congratulations to Dr. Chad Sagnella for being named resident of the month for February!
Check out some of the great comments about Chad:
“Chad always knows everything about the patient medically and socially. He is efficient, consistently upbeat and fun to work with. He leaves no stone unturned.”
“Chad is hard working, motivated, cares about patients and reflects on how he can improve to provide safe compassionate care.”
“Chad is great for morale in general. Cares a lot about how everyone is doing including juniors and attendings (ie when dr french’s mom passed away). Overall one of the best team players.”
“Chad is the type of resident who will walk into a resuscitation room to help another team, quietly put in a femoral line and then with the same humility and care will walk over to get a patient a sandwich. He deserves resident of the month.”

Congratulations to Dr. Jacob Schoeneck for being named Resident of the Month for 2016!
The following are written comments about Dr. Schoeneck’s professionalism and medical care:

    “I have been very impressed with Jake Schoeneck. He works hard, has a great attitude, has good clinical judgement. His plans are well backed up and when we differ we can discuss and get on the same track. He’s pretty fast and can pick up a lot before I start seeing people on my own. “
    “Jake is a hard worker and provides excellent and efficient care to his patients. He has a calming demeanor and great leadership potential. He is always willing to help out a colleague or the residency.”
    “Jake has excellent clinical acumen and I can count on his clinical assessments before seeing patients. Not only is he extremely thoughtful in the medical care he provides, he is also an dynamic learner with a flexible attitude. It is always a pleasure when he is on a shift.”

Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Walrath for being named resident of the month for December 2015!
Dr. Walrath has been acknowledged by many residents and faculty members for providing excellent team-centered care and contributing to the development of the residency. Some quotes about Dr. Walrath include:

    “She has been very active in the recruitment process for the residency and active in helping to keep the Yale Facebook page up to date. She has provided great clinical care and is a team leader in managing critically ill and injured patients in the ER.”
    “She is amazing in all facets of life, not just as a resident. It is always a pleasure to work with her.”

Congrats again, Jess!

Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Singhm PGY2 for being a fantastic resident, and being named EM Resident of the month for November!
Comments in support of this award by attendings and residents include:
“Dr. Singh – amazing attitude, follow through and perseverance at ridiculous hours.”
“I nominate Jessica Singh. I think she is due for this award- always a hard worker, diligent, enthusiastic and a strong advocate for her patients. As someone else put it,’ I haven’t worked with her in a while, but I am pretty sure she is still fantastic’ ”
“Jessica Singh was awesome when I was working Peds overnight. She picked up a lot of patients. I hardly think people are nice and she really made me think differently. She deserves resident of the month.”
From when Dr. Singh rotated in the MICU as an intern:
“Jessica is fantastic and it’s hard to believe that she’s just an August intern with her smooth, articulate presentations and superior organizational skills. She also has spectacular interpersonal skills- one of our families was incredibly stressed out by their loved one’s critical illness and started yelling at the entire team. Jessica’s response? She brought them each a glass of water to drink and totally turned the situation around. All I can say is wow!”

Hooray! Please make sure to congratulate Dr. Andrea Koploy the next time you see her on being named Resident of the Month for July!
Here are some of the things that residents and attendings said in support of Dr. Koploy’s nomination:
“She has started her year adjusting quickly to the senior role. She knows her patients well, is able to run the department with minimal assistance. Overall has been doing a great job.”
“ANDREA. OBVIOUSLY. she’s kind, dedicated and awesome. Great team player. I could go on but it’s such a clear choice.”
“Working with Andrea is such a pleasure! Friendly, compassionate, and hardworking towards patients care, communication with family, and her support of all of her teammates.”

Please join us in congratulating Cristiana Baloescu on being named the Resident of the Month for June!
Here are some of the things residents and attendings said about Cristiana in their nominations:
“Handled multiple back-to-back intubations on a crazy day.”
“When I show up on a shift and I see that I am working with Cristiana, I know it’s going to be a good day no matter what comes through the doors.”
“Despite the craziness of a busy shift, she found the time to speak with a several groups of family members about the goals of care of a complicated patient. She demonstrated great patience and persistence in her conversation combined with compassion and recognizing that this was a very difficulty decision.”
Kudos, Cristiana on all the hard work!

Congratulations to Aman Shah, PGY-1, for being the Resident of the Month! With more nominations this month than ever, this is a real honor.
Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.47.13 AM
Here are some of the comments submitted about Aman:
“Smart, fast, efficient, but most importantly has a GREAT attitude, is always smiling and even sings on shift. He is amazing!”

“Aman Shah was amazing in the MICU last month. Not only did I enjoy rotating with him, the swing and float residents and MULTIPLE fellows all were impressed and told me how lucky I was to have him.”
“The few interactions I have had with Aman reveal that he is an exceptionally motivated person and a very good communicator with promise to become an exceptional clinician. Additionally, during the applicant interview and tour season, he went above and beyond to volunteer for both. He knew a great deal about the workings of the department and was very professional with the candidates. I was very impressed!”

Congratulations to JESSICA BOD for being this month’s Resident of the Month!
Jess, thank you for all of your handwork and dedication to patients and the residency. Here are a few selected comments from her nominations below:

“She always provides excellent patient care. Recently she took care of a sick patient who was admitted to the MICU. After her night shift, she went up to the MICU to follow up and make sure the patient is doing well. She takes initiative, has a great clinical acumen, is a pleasure to work with and overall an excellent resident.”

“In general, able to really let the students and junior level residents independently dip their feet into the world of acute care A side medicine, but she has their backs and the pts best interests and does whatever needs to be done and in a non-showy way.  She is appropriately assertive with consultants, diagnostic imaging etc.”

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