We recommend reading the Yale University website on Living in New Haven as it has detailed information about renting, restaurants, things to do, culture.







In terms of finding housing the first thing you need to know is that there are several different safe neighborhoods around Yale.

Graduate students usually live in East Rock, Wooster Square, or the perimeter along Sachem St., Dwight St., George St., and Church St./Whitney Ave.


East Rock is a suburban style neighborhood about 1.5-3mi from the hospital.  You can easily bike ride or drive to hospital, but it is not really within walking distance. Some houses rent monthly rooms in this area.


West Rock is another area that some of our ED residents live in, which is similar to East Rock however it is not within walking distance.


Wooster Square is a cozy house neighborhood, with a central park lined with cherry blossoms and several pizzerias and bakeries. It is within walking distance to the hospital, about a 15-20 minute walk.


Hamden, Branford are nearby towns about 15-20min (max) from the hospital.  Also only accessible by car, about 25 minutes drive, but overall less expensive than downtown New Haven.


In downtown New Haven, West and South of the Hospital are areas most people avoid. The area West of Dwight street is also not the safest, and most would even avoid Dwight and Howe streets (unless it’s the corner from Rudy’s bar to the intersection with Broadway).

The best way to find a monthly lease is Craigslist. It tends to be safe if you are looking for lodging inside the zones listed above.



Apartments Downtown


There are several known apartment buildings in downtown New Haven mostly used by our residents for long term contracts but some of them may offer monthly contracts/subletting:


900 Chapel:  http://pmcpropertygroup.com/location/connecticut/new-haven’t

360 State: the apartments are in the range of $2,000 for 1 bedroom 400sq ft, but the building has a rooftop pool, gym, supermarket on the first floor, 24/7 concierge, pool tables, media room. http://www.360statestreet.com/lhttp://www.360statestreet.com/l

College and Crown:  http://collegeandcrown.com/http://collegeandcrown.com/

The Novella:  http://the-novella.com


**New Haven Towers and University Towers are right across from the hospital, almost exclusively inhabited by medical students and residents.


All of the above are nice apartment buildings within 10 mins walking distance of the hospital.





Regardless of where you choose to live, DO NOT walk alone at night coming from a late night shift. If you have a car please use it to commute to the hospital for your late shifts. Daytime walking in New Haven is generally safe unless you hazard out into unsafe areas. Stick to the areas above and you will have no problems.


However, we would discourage late night walking even within these safer areas, as there have been (rare) incidents. Also, never walk to the train station.


If you do not have a car, Yale Security offers 24/7 assistance and rides back to your apartment if it is within a certain area of town which matches the areas listed above within New Haven. Visiting students can use this service too. Waiting for a ride from them sometimes take some time (20-30 minutes) so plan accordingly. You can find more information on that here: http://publicsafety.yale.edu/security/nighttime-shuttle-safe-rides-walking-escort-service



Yale Shuttle


There is also an extensive shuttle service owned and operated by Yale University that connects the campus, medical school and hospital to some of these neighborhoods.


Schedule and routes can be found at: http://to.yale.edu/shuttle




If you have any questions about housing or transport, we can look at apartments with you and tell you which ones are in good areas. Just email michael.yip@yale.edu.

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