Welcome to the Ultrasound rotation for medical students, emergency medicine residents and off-service residents!
Your schedule will vary depending on the type of rotation you are signed up for, but it generally consists of a combination of 4-5 hour scanning shifts in the Adult Emergency Department at Yale York Street Campus as well as participation in image review at 464 Congress Street every Tuesday afternoon from 1PM to 5PM.
You can find your schedule under the google calendar for the ultrasound department. You will be emailed the username and password.
The Department of Emergency Medicine owns 5 Phillips Sparq ultrasound machines that you will be training with: 3 machines on A side of the ED, 1 on B side, 1 on C side.
The Emergency Department has a system of cell phones set to work on the wireless network of the hospital called Mobile Heartbeat. The doctors, nurses and other ED staff use it to communicate. The Ultrasound team you will be a part of while scanning must login to a Mobile Heartbeat phone so you can be contacted by the ED staff for scans.
There are generally two types of point of care ultrasounds performed in the ED: diagnostic and educational. This will be explained further but educational studies always need a confirmatory study performed (such as an official radiology study).
After performing a scan, please login into Qpath and complete the worksheet for the study. All the Qpath worksheets should be complete by the end of your shift.
Make sure you clean and stock all the ultrasound machines daily. All machines house a special cleaning spray, a bag of towels, and ultrasound gel packets. You can find supplies in a closet in the corridor directly behind room R1.
In terms of helpful resources for learning ultrasound if this is your first time getting experience with the subject matter, here is a short list:
Created by ACEP section of emergency ultrasound, this is a comprehensive teaching website for point of care ultrasound


Ultrasound Podcast:
This is for the podcast lovers, series of educational podcasts on general point of care ultrasound topics
Emergency Ultrasound Teaching:

A great website with clinical cases, tutorials as well as literature repository for some of the more important ultrasound articles, split by topic.
Website “where the interesting, funny, cool and geeky meet to share their tips/tricks/knowledge of and adventures with bedside focused EM ultrasound” through patient cases.
1-Minute Ultrasound (for iPhone and also on Google Play, free):

This app is a great on the go bedside reference on correct scanning techniques as well as expected normal and abnormal scans. Best of all, each topic is 1 minute!
Enjoy your time rotating with our department!

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