Reports: Looking Up Your Old Patients

Go to Reports at the top of the EPIC screen




Click on Library on the left side of the screen
In search, type “my ED patients”


You will see the ED event based report tab, click on that and a drop down menu will show you ED my patients last 24 hours


Click on the star on the left side, this will add it to your favorites. Click on the run option on the right side, this will open report and show you all the patients you have seen. Next click on the My Reports tab on the left side of the screen, you will see the report in the recent results, click on the star. Either of these options will add it to your favorite reports



You can also change the parameters of the report by clicking on it and clicking “edit”. If you want to look up all ED patients from a particular block make the “From date” the first day of the block and the “To date” the last day of the block, then run it. This is useful for doing patient follow ups in Med Hub. You will have to sign into the Yale ED, Yale Pediatric ED, or BH ED to retrieve those specific patients.




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