Welcome to the Emergency Department of Yale-New Haven Hospital! We are excited to have you join us for your rotation.


In order to get you up to speed as quickly as possible and get you oriented to the ED, we have posted some resources here.


Prior to starting your first shift, please review the MANDATORY Emergency Department Orientation Module


For a more comprehensive review of policies, procedures, and specific approaches to ED patients please review the Full Emergency Department Orientation 


The ED Survival Guide for Off-Service Rotators is also a great resource with details on admission and discharge orders, as well as a pertinent phone directory.


Please remember to bring your mobile heartbeat capable phone with you to your shifts. Each provider in the ED is expected to carry a working phone for the duration of their clinical shift. If for some reason you forget your phone there may be spare phones in the resident room. Below are the log-in credentials for these phones for off-service rotators.


Mobile Heartbeat Logins


User ID





AED rotating resident1



AED rotating resident2



AED rotating resident3

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